Garage Conversions (ADU)

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If your garage is not doing much aside from storing all the items you do not need any longer; you should consider putting it to better use. Converting a garage is one of the parts of home improvement that takes a bit of effort to incorporate your garage into your home's layout. But with thorough planning, you can create a new space that can be functional and appealing at the same time.

In converting a garage into a room, you should consider how you will use it and how it relates to the rest of the house. You can find heaps of designs and inspirations on the internet. Make sure to discuss with your contractor about your plan.

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Your garage can be more functional and appealing if you turn this space into a new room that you can use and enjoy more often. Do not waste a space in your home when you can turn it into more useful. Garage Conversions (ADU) can help you add a new room in your home by converting your garage. We have experts that can help you decide, design, and plan your garage conversion project.

Garage Conversions (ADU) made a list of fantastic garage conversion ideas you may use for your project:

Comfortable Guest House

It is best to be prepared for surprise visits from your friends from out of town. You can provide them a room to stay by turning your garage into a small guest house, and you do not have to worry about where they will stay. You may use a tv stand as a room divider, and it can also provide storage and architectural detail to the room.

Man Cave

You can play pool or darts without getting out of the house by turning your garage into a man cave. Adding a pool table, football table, darts, board games, rummy, and video games can make your garage a room for such entertainment, and you can call your friends to spend some memorable time.


You can make your garage into a playroom that your kids will surely enjoy. Keeping the newly renovated room partially open to an adjacent kitchen will make it easier to supervise younger kids while doing your everyday chores.

Kitchen Extension

If your garage is adjacent to your kitchen, consider knocking out the wall between the two spaces to create a larger kitchen. By installing a roof lantern or a run of skylights, you can boost the amount of light entering the new room. This is an excellent way to flood the space with bright, pure light. It will also make your new space feel more spacious.

Home Gym

It will be easier to stay in shape without worrying about going to the gym. Turn your old garage into a home gym so that you do not need to run all day from home to work, then to the gym. This can lessen the stress you deal with every day.

Working Place

Whether you are a writer, a painter, a freelancer, or just someone who enjoys spending plenty of time on the internet, you must have a comfortable and peaceful space to do your job. And it would be even better if you can decorate or renovate that place by yourself. Turn your garage into an office or art studio and do whatever you want to your own working space.

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