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Handling construction projects is never easy that is why you need to consult with a professional Contractor Oakland for all your building needs and concerns.


Many homeowners give their homes some upgrade by adding some features or fixing and repairing things around the property to improve the appearance and add more functions to their homes. That is why home improvement projects are essential for every homeowner.

Home improvement projects improve the comfort, safety, and energy performance of a home. A contractor in Oakland can help choose new materials for your insulation, making your home more comfortable and safe without worrying about your energy bills.

Upgrading some features of your home may add function and improve its appearance as well as boosting its resale value. An appealing, well-maintained, and functional home can attract more buyers, making it easy to sell at a reasonable price.

Services Offered

01. Window Replacement and Installation

Your home's windows have a significant impact on the entire look of the house. Installing new windows can make dramatic changes and add value to your home. Whether you install high-performance windows to save on energy bills or new windows to change your property's appearance, Oakland Contractor can install any windows quickly and efficiently.

02. Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling

The home's interior is essential for many homeowners as they spend most of their time there. Oakland Contractor offers a wide array of interior renovation and remodeling projects, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling, new floorings installations, and more.
We do our best to meet all your demands and preferences for your new interior.

03. Roofing Installation and Replacement

It is crucial to have a strong and durable roof to protect the home's interior against the elements and maintain a comfortable temperature. We have professional roofing installers who can install new roofing, including shingles, proper ventilation, underlayment, and flashing to protect your home for years.

04. Insulation Installation and Replacement

Your home's insulation is crucial in keeping your comfort while in your home. Having proper insulation can make your home more comfortable and will not let you worry about the energy bill. We offer the best insulator in Oakland to help every homeowner enjoy the comfort of their home.

05. Driveway Sealing

Your driveway is one of your home's essential parts, and by hiring professionals to apply excellent driveway sealer to your concrete regularly, you can prevent water, sunlight, and air from pervading your asphalt and prevent these issues. We provide quality driveway sealing service to help you protect and prolong the lifespan of your driveway.

06. Construction

Construction is part of a home improvement project, whether you want to build a new room or change your floor plan. You need an excellent contractor in Oakland to help you build your dream house.

Whether you want to enhance your home's appearance or improve its functions, home improvement projects are essential for homeowners. Oakland Contractor has all the services you need to improve or upgrade your home, from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to construction. We guarantee a safe and secure process and a satisfying result!

Hire the Right Professional Contractor

To achieve great results for your project, you should speak with the best specialists in the field who have the technical knowledge of the proper construction processes. You need to have requirements when looking for specialists to be guaranteed that the work will be done on time and with high-quality. There are tons of options in the market right now, which is why we prepared a few suggestions you may follow.

Why Choose Us

Oakland Contractor

Quality Assurance

As professionals, we employ a project management team to handle the risk-prevention and ensuring that all deliverables are fulfilled on time with the highest quality.

Oakland Contractor

Professional Team

Work with our professional team composed of licensed and certified experts who have been providing top-notch services for more than 20 years.

Oakland Contractor

Safety First

Our outstanding safety first procedure is put in place to ensure safety and security while our employees are working on your construction project.

Oakland Contractor


We uphold professionalism and good work ethics for all our projects to guarantee and maintain a good relationship with our past and future clients.

Oakland Contractor

Customer Service

Our services begin during the consultation period where we make sure the client understands the process of achieving their goals for the project.

Oakland Contractor

Affordable Price

We are a one-stop-shop for everything contractor services without the high prices and we make sure to source our materials from reliable manufacturers.

Define Your Goal

Before you start any type of project, you must think about the sort of work which will be included. This can help you define the options and clearly determine what you want the outcome to be. Obviously, you could always explore this at a later time along with your licensed contractor Oakland to further build your plan.

Verify Insurance and Permits

One of the major factors you must consider in selecting an expert is reliability. You have to remember to check on their certificates and permits simply because this functions as evidence for their genuine work. It certainly matters to ensure all the papers your contractor provided are credible.

Get it in Writing

It is smart to take note of your requirements during the consultation or anytime you make a decision for the project with your contractor. Include this in the agreement or contract. When possible, look over the contract with your lawyer especially if you are planning to work on a large-scale project.



Thinking or planning to have a home renovation can be a big project, and finding a contractor is also essential, but how to hire a contractor? Your very own home is where you spend most of your time, and it is crucial that the work is of good quality. Hiring a contractor must be carefully done to prevent any issue with the project. Below are some tips for hiring a contractor.

  1. Get Recommendations
  2. Make some phone interview
  3. Meet them face to face
  4. Check some facts
  5. Do the plans and get bids
  6. Make a payment schedule
  7. Don’t let the price be your guide
  8. Make a contract

When you plan to do some renovation at your own home, your first goal is to find a reliable or right contractor. But it is not easy to find a home contractor. A questioning mind would be how to find a good contractor in Oakland?

  1. Be prepared before looking for contractors
  2. Ask for some referrals from family or friends
  3. Look for other contractors
  4. If not able to start, walk away from them
  5. Know if the contractor has its team or subcontract
  6. Choose the contractor for the right job
  7. Check the documents
  8. Check their referencesli>
  9. Make a contract
  10. Do payment schedules
  11. Make ground rules
  12. Make the final payment

When a project requires hiring different people with their specialty would require a lot of coordination and management. It is a good thing that there is a primary person called a General Contractor, but what does a general contractor do? A general contractor oversees the daily operation of the project. They also serve as the primary contact of all the parties involved and complete control of the entire project. They are the one who also hires specialists to work on the job needed. General contracts will charge you between 10 and 20 percent of the renovation or project cost. It would also depend on the project size and scope, location, materials, laborers, and the permits required to complete the job.

There will be a time that you want to make some renovation or remodel for your own home. An example would be planning to remodel your bathroom by adding a new bathtub. Hiring a contractor is your go-to, but how to pick a contractor for remodel? When hiring a contractor, it is essential to do your checks and ensure that they are reliable and trustworthy to do the job. We have some tips that we can do before doing the hiring.

  1. Get some recommendations
  2. Compare the portfolio of potential contractors
  3. Ask for their licensing and certification
  4. Check references
  5. Ask and review their finished project
  6. Get the bids for the job and hire the contractor

Having a pool is a significant investment. Making it into reality requires a skill to build and complete the pool project. It is vital that the people working on your people are trusted, competent, and highly recommended. Most importantly, able to complete the project on time. You may have a question in mind, how to choose a pool contractor? Finding a reliable pool contractor may take time. Here are some tips to consider.

  1. Search for local websites for pool builders
  2. Ask for referrals from friends or family
  3. Don’t rush. Take your time
  4. Check what the contract provided
  5. Ask if they are covered (liability insurance)

Plumbing problems require reliable skills to be able to do work. But what do plumbing contractors do? A licensed plumber or a Plumbing Contractor will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of pipes, plumbing fixtures, and other plumbing systems.

When renovating or changing roofs, it is a good investment as well for your own home. You can do your installation, but it is beneficial to hire a professional. You may ask, why hire a roofing contractor? Some cause why you should hire a professional roofing contractor.

  1. Safety in installing or repairing the roof
  2. Professional experience
  3. Time needed

It is such a dream to have a good view of your very own home. Space where a beautiful landscape can be developed, hiring a professional landscape contractor will help you achieve this. Besides knowing your need for a landscape contractor, what are they exactly, and how much does landscaping cost in Oakland? A landscaper is a profession that involves the art and the technology of landscaping. It also requires garden project planning, construction, and landscape management. In designing the garden, it can cost depending on the size of the project. For a small garden, this can cost $500 to $1,500. A mid-sized garden can cost $1,500 to 3,000 for a landscape design. For the large size garden, this can cost $3,000 to $6,500 or more depending on the project's complexity.

You will encounter several obstacles during the construction process. We greatly suggest choosing our expert contractor Oakland to ensure your issues will be handled effectively. You can trust our experts to have extensive knowledge and experience that can meet the needs of all your building projects.

In case you are still not sure who to contact, we advise getting in contact with our associates to know more about the services and packages we provide. You can reach us through our phone or here on the site. Contact us now for an appointment or even a free-of-charge quotation.

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